The Process (How it Works):
1. Contact us (email, phone or fax) with your project details.
2. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your project requirements and how we can assist.
3. You will decide what services you’ll need from us.
4. A proposal will be drafted for the scope of services agreed upon and signed by the client.
5. Work will commence.
Skills & Services
Ascent seeks development opportunities for its investors, and also partners with other developers. The range of work performed on specific development projects depend on the ownership structure, but Ascent is able to customize its participation to allow for the greatest flexibility. Below is a list of skills available in-house and a brief explanation of each.
Development Management
This service takes the client through the entire development process. Regardless of when we are brought ... more
Project Evaluation & Financial Analysis
We begin this process by assessing the project against the backdrop of the market and neighborhood. ... more
Site Analysis / Site Acquisition
We analyze the site to determine total usable square footage and determine the physical constraints,... more
Due Diligence
We determine the current legal, financial and political status of the building through an in-depth review ... more
These are rights that are granted to the site by government approvals and/or through agreement by law. ... more
Environmental Remediation
Properly addressing environmental issues is one of the most important tasks in real estate, as liability ... more
Design Development
We provide design drawing reviews that identify constructability, coordination and cost issues. Construction ... more
Budgeting / Scheduling
We are active in many projects and have a steady flow of pricing information for all trades, which allows ... more
The task of financing a project is dependent on the economic environment and profitability of a project. ... more
Subcontractor Selection
Our vast network of subcontractors comes from decades of working in New York real estate. This depth ... more
Preconstruction is the all-encompassing task of preparing a project for construction. This service begins ... more
Project Management
Project management is the overseeing of construction implementation to make sure the actual product matches ... more
Accounting / Reporting
Job cost accounting is important to tracking total project costs (hard and soft costs) that arise during ... more
Depending on the size of the project the complexity of the marketing effort varies. Smaller projects ... more
Leasing & Sales
Leasing and sales must be tracked as closely, if not closer, than any other task in the development process. ... more
Cost Review
This service is normally seen as being solely value engineering, but our resources allow for an in-depth ... more
Design & Consultant Team Selection & Oversight
Each member of our team has had contact with numerous design teams and consultants, and this has given ... more
Construction Owner Representation
We have merged with a construction management firm, KMM Consultants, which has successfully operated... more

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